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The Pop Physique DVD program will enrich the body’s foundation by working each muscle group to tone, lengthen and strengthen. This at-home curriculum will allow access to the popular workouts currently only available at studios covering basics, cardio and hardcore core work.

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DVD 3: Cardio Butt School

Sam and Karyn boost the speed of basic dance principles to squeeze, lift and lengthen the entire body in quick harmony, fostering a complete cardio workout. This DVD is derriere-focused and will champion an elevated, tight butt.

DVD 2: Hardcore

This exquisitely intense workout embraces muscles from head to toe with a profound focus on abs, cultivating a hard core. Karyn, a witty instructor from Los Angeles, motivates through the intensity.

DVD 1: Original Butt

Sam leads this one-hour introduction DVD, based on our hugely-popular class, which begins with a warm-up to awaken the body by blending light weights with brisk ballet moves and then gracefully progressing into a challenge for the thighs, butt and abs.

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DVD 3: Cardio Butt School DVD 2: Hard Core DVD 1: Original Butt